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                Finance One

                Finance One是一家专业商业保理公司。我们提供针对美国买家的信用保险来保护企业的应收账款,以及通过提供应收账款融资来解决企业现金流紧张的问题。自1998年11月成立以来,Finance One一直秉承双赢保理的理念,我们将客户的发展与成功放在首要位置。 了解更多

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                • 85%


                • 80%


                • 24小时

                  Finance One信用审批平均时间:对于已有信用额度的买家,可立即给予批准。 对于其他买家,信用调查则需要24小时或更久时间

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                • 严重声明

                  九游会J9(中国)官方网站,该公司将j9九游会官网列为投资担保人,该情况与实际完全不符,j9九游会官网从未与该公司有过任何形式的接触,合作更是无从谈起。该公司的行为已经构成严重侵权,对j9九游会官网造成极为恶劣的社会影响。j9九游会官网已经致函该公司要求其立刻停止使用并删除所有含有美国Finance One保理公司的合同以及宣传资料以及立刻向所有投资者澄清贵司和美国Finance One保理公司并无任何合作关系.



                • 2015-10-08九游会J9(中国)官方网站,而不是非常好的圣诞季。
                • 2015-10-07 磋商者通过跨太平洋伙伴贸易协定达成共识。
                • 2015-10-05American Apparel (AA美国服饰) 宣布破产。




                相信您和您的家人及员工都安全健康。自3月23日起开启远程办公后,Finance One将于2020年6月8日星期一恢复洛杉矶总部的正常运营。营业时间将与往常一样,从上午8:00到下午5:00(太平洋时间)。但Finance One纽约办事处将保持在远程工作协议之下,直至另行通知。

                复工后,保护客户、员工和社区免受COVID-19的感染仍然是Finance One工作的重中之重。由于COVID-19继续传播并仍然对健康构成威胁,因此我们根据卫生当局和机构的建议指南制定了以下方案:

                1. 我们将尽可能通过电话,电子邮件,Zoom等视频会议应用程序进行通信,以避免身体接触和暴露。
                2. 款项支付将继续使用电子方式(电汇或ACH)。
                3. 如需在Finance One办公室召开会议,必须提前与您的客户经理联系安排。
                4. 将对所有访客进行疾病迹象筛查,并在接待处接受体温检测。(体温不能超过华氏100度。)
                5. 所有准入的访客必须全程佩戴口罩。 Finance One将提供口罩,洗手液和手套供访客使用。
                6. 保持六英尺的社交距离,不握手。

                感谢您一直以来对Finance One的信任,并让我们陪伴您度过这些不确定和焦虑的时期。我们将共同克服挑战,在磨难之后变得更加强大。


                Kee H. Kim


                A Message From Our CEO to Clients: COVID-19 Update

                June 4, 2020

                Dear Clients and Partners,

                I trust you, your family and your employees are safe and healthy. After having operated remotely since March 23rd, Finance One resumes normal operation of the Los Angeles headquarters on Monday, June 8th, 2020. Business hours will be the same as before from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00p.m. Pacific Time. Finance One’s New York office, however, will remain under the remote-work protocol until further notice.

                Safety of our clients, associates, and community-at-large against COVID-19 remains Finance One’s top priority as we return to onsite operations. Since the COVID-19 continues to spread and remains a health threat, we have implemented the following protocols in light of recommended guidelines by the health authorities and agencies.

                1. We will communicate whenever possible through telephone calls, e-mails, video conferencing applications such as Zoom so as to avoid physical contacts and exposures.
                2. Funding disbursements will continue to be sent electronically (wire or ACH).
                3. Person-to-person meetings at Finance One’s office must be arranged with your account executive in advance.
                4. All visitors will be screened for any visible signs of illness and asked to have their temperatures checked at the reception desk. (It must be below 100 degrees Fahrenheit.)
                5. All admitted visitors will be required to wear face masks at all times. Finance One will provide masks, hand sanitizers and gloves for use.
                6. Social distancing of six feet will be observed, including no-handshakes.

                Thank you for your continued trust in Finance One to help you navigate in these uncertain and anxious times. We will overcome the challenges together and come out stronger at the end of the ordeal.


                Kee H. Kim
                CEO & President